January 20th, 2001



y'know... it's kinda strange when the cable goes out right at 5:00pm on a Friday... and doesn't get fixed until 11am on Saturday... some fuse blew, and took out the entire complex...

Had a wonderful time last night. Maybe I'm wrong, but a 4 hour dinner would tend to be a good thing in my book. S is sneaky, I think. Set up a group outing, then managed to make the plans such that A and I went to dinner alone, and S and N went to dinner and movie alone... well, technically, there was supposed to be a friend of N at the movie, but I'm betting that person dropped out at the last minute. So, what was supposed to be a group outing turned into 2 separate dates....

Which is fine by me, really... A and I went to J's and ate and sat and talked for 4 hours, before A decided that the hour drive home was going to suck... and the dog was getting cold outside in the car... the actual splitting up for the night was a bit strange, as it was horribly cold and we really didn't exchange goodbyes... A just mentioned we should go to a Jazz Club downtown one of these weekends...

So, I consider it to be a success. We'll see what feedback I get... Still haven't heard from S, and I missed a call somewhere during dinner... The phone was off when I tried to return it. Hmmm.... I wonder...

Anyways. I felt good for going out with someone and having a good time. Instead of sitting at home alone as usual.

Tonight, I managed to set in motion events that lead up to reservations for 12 at my fav Chinese place... The regular morning crew that hits/works the apt cafe are all going... That should be fun as well.

Imagine, me. Going out twice in a weekend! WIll wonders never start.. er, cease!

Oh, and J's birthday is tomorrow, so I might get invited out for that, as well.. hmmm

I suppose that answers my question about whether or not I can get out and socialize, eh?

Now that cable is back up, I need to catch up on everything I missed. I'll prolly even get back on IRC, which I haven't been on for most of the week.
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ok, S just called... talk about timing... Evidently N invited the friend along so it wouldn't be quite so date-like. They went to Lone Star for dinner, then saw _Traffic_ which a) sucked and b) was a horrible 1st date movie. Then they split for the night, went home... and e-mailed back and forth until 5am...

So now S is coming over for lunch and to talk about everything...
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interesting afternoon

We drove around, looked at the big exclusive/expensive houses... finally went way out in the sticks to get BBQ for lunch... sat and talked there for awhile... came back and talked a bit....

S just left to go home and deal with the SO... supposed to call me later with an update on things... I'm kinda worried, but I hope it'll be ok.

Gonna veg a bit before dinner... I ate too much, not gonna be able to pack it away at dinner like I planned...
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good evening

Where did I leave off....?

Oh yeah, went to Chinese dinner with the apt peeps... That was amusing. They said that since I recommended the place, if it was bad they'd have to kill me. So they made jokes about that all night, and the final tally was 100% for letting me live d;

Well, one person was sick for other reasons, spent most of the time in the bathroom, then finally left really early. Other than that, it was great.

And... I looked over to see Rodimus and S and J and J coming into the place for dinner, so I went and chatted with them after the others left... Ended up coming back here to show off on DDR, and got Rodimus and J to play for a bit. S and J were feeling sickly and out of it, so didn't partake, but watched and gave supportive comments.

Then we watched my new eXistenZ DVD... damn that movie is good. Now I need to watch it with the commentary tracks...

They all just left, but invited me out to some expensive Italian place tomorrow at 6pm for J's birthday, so that's kewl... They also want to come back over soon to DDR and watch my other DVDs... That should be fun.

So in all, a very successful weekend so far. I've been out so many times that my average is starting to look good! hehe. Seriously, going out 2-3 times a day with various people has been great. I've been feeling much more lively and calm and happy...

And it looks like it will continue to get better from here.

Now, the only downside that I feel obligated to mention is the food. I have been unable to finish my meals, and currently have 2 in the fridge waiting for me. I will probably have one for lunch tomorrow, and one for lunch Monday. Of course tomorrow's dinner will probably have leftovers, as this place is known for its HUGE portions. Perhaps I'll be set for the week?

Of course that would mean less lunches out with coworkers and friends.. hmmm... need to ponder that a bit. Maybe have leftovers for dinner, and go out for lunch...

In any case, it's all good!
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