January 12th, 2001



Y'know, I actually signed up for blogger... then didn't use it because I thought it was a kludge...

Now it seems we need to help make sure everyone else knows that LiveJournal is THE BEST Web Journal site out there!

An a secondary note, I'm glad I'm working from home today, I got invited out with some apt ppls to a bar tonight... No staying at home alone all night for me! Joy!

As a tertiary note, anyone wanna do a Chinese lunch in KC in about 1/2 hour?
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was yummy... and I got replies after I had already left, of course /:

anyways, I did my good deeds - tried to RAS in to work to check email.. which failed because I'm not authorized... and they still haven't authorized me for E-RAS, either... so.. I can make calls.. if only I had the numbers handy of people I need to call...

In all fairness, I'm getting about as much done from home as I would have from work. And there's less stress, more comfort...

So anyways, I'm probably going to head off to Rodimus' place, hang out and see what's new... and he can RAS in, although I don't think that will enable me to get to my inbox.. you never know though..
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