January 11th, 2001


as you can see

I ended up taking a nap, then going to bed and sleeping all night.. no coming back to write or chat or anything....

I even missed Junkyard Wars /:

But, I'm feeling more human today, so...
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this morning's back problems migrated to a mini migraine by lunch... now it's starting to hit me hard, so I'm "working from home"

I have a few rants to make about the bitch and that project, as well as the asshole who made my lovely coworker break down today. I should also comment on the wonderful lunch with my fellow new coworkers.

However, I can't find any kind of painkillers, and this migraine thing is only going to get worse the longer I sit in front of a screen. I may skip the 3:00 conference call I have as well... TBD
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sleep, I suppose

had a coupla 4 beers, finishing with some Carolan's...

have an 8:30am meeting or conference call in the morning, then lunch 11:30-1 or somesuch.. nothing else.. I'm not going in to work, gonna "work from home" etc...
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