January 4th, 2001


why do we need sugar for the orange juice?

that's all I can remember from my dream...

tried to post again last night after I woke up from nap... couldn't connect to lj.. it must be getting hammered in the after work timeframe... I can always get on easily in the morning before work.
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questions answered

well I found out that one of my more attractive coworkers was in the emergency room for over 4 hours last night. She had a cyst on one of her ovaries explode.

and I was in bed with agony in my abdominal region....

Talked with my current supervisor about my situation, got a very positive response.. something along the lines of "if you're not happy, I'll do me best to help you move into a different job where you will be" which was great, but then... "I'll talk to the director, but I'm sure we'll want to to stay in our division of the company" /: I need to move out of that division to get the job I want...

talked a bit with the person who started the week after me... cute, single, intelligent... good humor... hmmmm

got my Rex today, everyone who saw it wanted to know more about it.. I think I've got half the team thinking of getting one.

got my paycheck in the mail I think...

good thing I have a backup cable modem, the first one seems to have died while I was at work.

looks like I'll have to wait until morning again to read my lj's... if anyone else reads this, icq me or something hehe
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