January 1st, 2001



and all that jazz... I think I'd better stop with the rum & coke since I have no snacks.. don't want the captain to keel-haul me!
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I could have sworn I posted an entry before I left...

Anyways, I went out to try to catch CTHD again... Left an hour before this first showing of the day started, and when I got there it was sold out. Not to mention the closest parking was a few hundred yards away. So I went and bought a ticket for the ~5pm show.

Then I headed over to my fave Chinese place for some lunch, which was up to their usual excellent quality. Stopped by the store for some food for the week, and now I'm back to start some laundry and such before the show.
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an epic tale

was the trip to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... And the movie was one in and of itself! heh.

I had to park even further out than I did earlier. The crowd was even worse. Once I got in, I wandered down the correct wing and was greeting by a line. Now, I had left with the idea of getting there an hour early, which I did. The previous film hadn't let out yet, but there was already a line... So 45 minutes of waiting later, I finally got in. And I really didn't get that good of a seat, but I manage to score one row from the top of the stadium right in the middle. The next 30 minutes was watching people vainly trying to get a decent seat, since they had arrived so late. On my left was an older couple, and on my right was an elderly Chinese gentleman.

The movie was too incredible for words. Do yourself a favor, and kill whoever you have to go see it. Now. And I mean RIGHT NOW. Don't wait. Don't let anyone spoil it for you, just go see and enjoy!

I'll rant about the annoyances in and of movie theaters later, I'm still so pumped from the movie that I don't want to spoil the mood! It was interesting the few times I caught how the Chinese gentleman next to me was reacting, he was very quiet but he did mumble one character's name a few times in a certain spot... I was doing the same, hehe.

Anyway, the fight choreography was so impressive, I'm wondering why The Matrix wasn't more impressive. since Yuen Wu Ping did the choreography in that too. And now I want to go see Sense and Sensibility because I'm imagining Ang Lee's other works will be impressive as well.

So, go see it. And when you're there, just relax and enjoy the story, don't let anything interfere. Yes, it's in Chinese, yes there are white-only subtitles with no drop shadows, yeas there is obvious wire work, and yes it goes at its own pace. But if you can let yourself get involved with the movie, you will have a wonderful experience!
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one more post for the day

might as well start the new year off right, eh?

I was just snickering a second time at yesterday's DownToEarth... Watching the last few eps of the Iron Chef marathon whilst I finish up laundry for the evening.. I'm already ready to get to sleep, just one more load into the dryer, and I can...

How is it that I seem to end up every week on the night before work suddenly realizing I need to do some laundry for work the next morning? Hmm, perhaps I need more clothing? Although I have quite a lot... Don't know for sure.

My $5 webcam seems to have broken already /: maybe that's why it was crashing so much... don't know... haven't felt like messing with it.

People are boring tonight, I guess everyone's worn out from new year's and preparing to return to work... bleh.

People / cams aren't up that I want to chat with.. which might be a good things, since I'll get to bed earlier, but... I would like to at least have a short conversation...

I had a thought today, that I'm being counterproductive in the way I'm going about attempting to correct my lack of physical fitness. I really should be eating more often, smaller portions, slowing down, and healthier food. And I need to lock in that daily workout thing, not just the exercise whichever days I feel like it. Also, I have to ease back into a routine, not go overboard and hurt myself like I did last week.

Anyway, I'm fading fast, so... sleep well everyone, and I wish you a happy 2nd day of the new year!
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