December 30th, 2000



bored, so wandering thru and seeing who's awake to chat with
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doncha just LOVE that "Oh, before I go back to bed, I'm going to get ONE more thing done..." because you then realize, 2 hours later, that you did several dozen extra things and still haven't been back to bed yet...
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still awake

still should be asleep...

I went to the cafe and socialized for a bit, drank about 2 pots of tea... no wonder I'm still up... walked through the snow, which gave me a bit of needed XR size since I skimped out yesterday...
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still no sign of....

.. land? no
... sanity? well...
... sleep? yes, that's the one...

I think it's high time to fix that... oh wait, lunch... gotta feed the burner so I stay warm in bed... since no one's here to share it, hehe
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well, that was completely unsatisfying... in every way possible...

I stayed cold and alone the entire time, and hardly slept. did a lot of tossing and turning, and now I feel even worse. sickly, even.

argh. I guess I'll try to have dinner and maybe shower, relax some more.. then get to bed at a pseudo-normal time.
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