December 29th, 2000


hit me again dammit


uneventful day. Partitioned my machine at work so I'd easily separate music and such from actually work/apps. Completed another CBT, and got part way through yet another... only this one says it'll take 33 hours to complete... I hope I get credit for it.

went to lunch with G, S, and Rodimus... interested, never been to the place before, was ok, but service sucked. Got hit by some old guy who suddenly decided to back up into the front of my car instead of turning onto the road for no apparent reason. No damage.
Spent a good chunk of the afternoon in S's cube teaching HTML, talking, exploring Oracle certification, etc...

Went to go see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon but there was no place to park within 1/4 mile of the theater, and almost got hit several times in the parking lot. Came home, time to eat. No plans for the weekend, not sure what to do to fit within my goals. I'm not feeling so good again, I think I OD'd on sugar/caffeine today - had lots of tea with lots of sugar & sweet & low.

Tried to get my credit report, but was denied.. I think perhaps my address change has not gone through completely yet.

Damn, just remembered that my mobile bill is due today, I'd better pay it. And I've got another bill for cable sitting here that I should do something about. Hopefully my closeout check from my other bank arrives next week so I can open up that new account and get everything set so I don't have to deal with bills as much. We'll see.
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Well, since I was feeling a bit down, I did what any sensible person would do... I bought myself something.

People at work told me to get a PDA... And Oz recommended a Rex, so I got one.
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