December 28th, 2000



I did manage to be somewhat productive today at work... They delivered a desktop for me, so I spent a bit setting it up. I also managed to be sociable with a few of my team members, and find some CBTs to pass the time in a work-related manner.

I have a headache, however, and am going to nap. I promise to do some exercise later on, though.
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well all right

so I was totally out of it, took a couple hour nap... had dinner... then finally realized why I had a headache... duh.

I had absolutely no caffeine of any kind today. I've been taking a break from soda, but I didn't even have my daily dose of hot tea. I was running a bit late, so skipped the morning cafe breakfast, and then they're no longer supplying cups at work, and I forgot to take mine to the break room. When I finally took it to the break room, I was in the mood for water. Lunch was in the building's cafeteria, and so I had my normal plain turkey sandwich with nothing to drink...

So yeah, it's no wonder.. I've been drinking a ton of tea lately, so I suppose I'm back on the addiction.

Seems as if Sabs has been reading my journal, and sending me comments in email. Tsk tsk tsk, why don't you just make your own journal?
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