December 20th, 2000



couldn't seem to connect last night.

updates... went to Chinese after work yesterday, also talked to one of the apt people and got an update on just how bad the situation is... seems the draftsman/engineer/architect is from Georgia and didn't anticipate winters storms in the midwest... so we'll see... I'm on hold while maint deals with bursting pipes and total lack of heat, etc...

was ready to go early this morning, so I stopped by the cafe they have in the apt office to socialize... got conned into looking into phones and such for the people who are there every day... work was.. eh.. I got my login so I can get emails etc and maybe get work done... had leftover Chinese for lunch.. the highlight was the detailed tour of a retail store, and a step-by-step path trace of some of the wiring and equipment... was snowing on our way back, roads got slick, people were being idiots...

stopped at faz for dinner on the way back... been vegging and burning cds since I got back, time to crash... I really should clean up before chichi and haha show up on fri after work, but... nah
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