December 9th, 2000


insomnia bites

I got maybe 1, 1 + 1/2 hours of sleep... then ... BOOM I'm awake...
bleh. Been tossing and turning for another hour or so, finally decided to get up for a bit, check the queues, grab a bit of water, and I'm about to try again...
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no rest for the insomniatic


I figured out part of the reason I can't get comfortable and sleep in my bedroom - the window has a huge damn draft... this place is new, I'm the first person to live in it, I'm paying too much in rent for this kinda shit.

I'm trying NewsBin, since Agent s such a bitch to use... neither of them do exactly what I want.. well, agent does, but it hogs memory and cpu time, basically bogging down the system, and it's so slow that I'm barely through one newsgroup before posts in another one expire...

so I'm hitting stroud's to see if there's another option... I've liked other readers I've tried even less, but maybe newer versions will work better...
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I'll be damned

eventually, but anyway, back to the point of this entry..

I highly recommend Two Men and a Truck. For $200 they moved everything from my storage shed to my apartment in 1 hour. 1 trip. Damn. Jingoro and I spent like 6 or 8 hours and around $100 to move all that stuff into the damn thing. I tell you, it is the way to go.

Now I'm going to assemble my bed and ponder whether I feel up to going shopping or would rather take a nap instead.

Ok, I'd rather take a nap, but what am I actually going to do?

Tune in next time, on The Life and Times of CMorrigu... Don't miss it!
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nap, food, more

yeah that's about it... had a nap, went to Rodimus' for food, which I had to pick up the ingredients for on the way... came back with some of my speakers... been spending time on newsgroups, irc, icq, odigo, iparty, etc...

sleep is looking like a fabulous idea here soon...
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