December 8th, 2000


yet another update


I move in tomorrow... 10am signing of the paperwork, etc... then the cable guy comes at 3pm to install cable, and maybe cable modem. I don't get a phone until Wed, though... And with the movers coming at 8am on Sat, I only have 1 day to sleep in and enjoy my own bed again before starting work.

I really dislike that hr guy even more now... I called Rayman, who informed me that neither he nor my new boss knew I was starting next week until today. I was amazed at the incompetence of this hr guy...

Did some DDRing this evening with Rodimus, which caused a sudden flare up in my shins... Perhaps I should take it easy for a few days, I've been unusually active, and don't need the added stress of pain.

I'm leeching from Rodimus' connection atm, we're trading files back and forth while he's leeching some new ones. He's got a pretty awful dialup connection, so I should probably get off here to conserve bandwidth.

Since I won't be getting DSL until Wed, I may ask the cable guy to hook me up tomorrow.... Dunno if I can last the weekend without a connection. We'll see. I probably should get my leeching out of my system before starting work, or I won't be chipper in the mornings, since I'll stay up all night to grab the stuff I've been missing these past 9 months..

Hmmm... what else? Oh yeah, the CD that GoofyGuy sent me came in the day I left, but it should be forwarded tomorrow, along with some info from the insurance company.. I need to remember to stop by the post office tomorrow.

Hmm I'm reading a book Rodimus lent me, I'll bring it down and type the name in tomorrow sometime so I don't forget it. And I probably should get some sleep, gotta look my best when I meet with the apt people tomorrow ^_- ... and I have some running to do... I need food and such..and I should also take the small stuff out of my storage shed so the movers don't waste their expensive time on it.

So. yeah, my chances of sleeping well are very small. Oh well.
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I should have figured

. . . That I wouldn't be able to sleep much. So I'm up early, joy.

The book I'm currently reading is Nimbus by Alexander Jablokov. It's starting to get kind of surreal, which I always enjoy.

Oh yeah, there's one more comment that I forgot... I was pondering the whole experience I've had so far reading other people's LiveJournals... And I get the impression everyone is a sexual pleasure machine. Precisely, I haven't seen anyone post that the had bad sex. It's always "we just had fantastic sex" or "last night was wonderful with x." Never "Damn they suck, I'm never going to fuck them again."
Hmmm, I think I went over most of my stresses and happenings last night, so I'm at a bit of a loss this morning... I think I might leave my computer out here and take other stuff with me on this first trip. It kinda sucks having to be at my new place at 3 today, since I have shopping to do, and would rather get it done before the post-work fri rush starts. Then again, I may be terminally bored this evening, who knows?

I had dreams, although I can't remember much except a vague feeling of pleasure. I've been up for the last hour and a half or so, but only recently became vertical and mobile.
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cable modem, baby!

I got cable modem! it works! after 2 hours of fiddling and dhcp being a bitch...

then I queued a few things up to run while I was out, and went to the storage shed to grab a few things, most notably my computer chair... it's the only chair here atm, and I'm not even using it yet...

maint guy is great, came right in to fix everything, tried to get it done ASAP, but apologized for the delays when he needed parts and such... but I now have hot water, the drawer now works, and my fridge will soon have those rails in the doors...

cable guy came and hooked up cable and modem...

after I got back from the shed, I realized that not only was I hungry, but I couldn't order in because I have no phone line yet... so the delivery person can't phone for me to pass them thru the gate /: so I went down 2 blocks to domino's... where I ordered my usual wings and breadsticks, added a 2-liter, and waited for 1/2 hour while they made them... and then I checked the breadsticks to be sure, and they have put all this crap on them, so I told the other guy, and he gave me the $3 for the breadsticks backa nd also made me new ones, correctly, I hope.. I didn't even check...

I could never work fast food, the noise in there would give me an instant headache every day..

anyways, I'm going to veg on the chair in front of the tv... if anyone bothers me, I'll just have to kill them.
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Well, I've put away all I'm motivated to put away tonight... I'm getting pretty sleepy now, so I'll prolly crash soon...

I think I queued enough stuff up to last me until tomorrow night when I'll actually have time to be back at the computer again... 2+ hours of playing with agent, plus hitting a half dozen ftp sites.... Yeah, I think I'm set...

Tomorrow will be good after the movers move things and I actually go get food and other things... like oh, say... a shower curtain... laundry soap... that sort of thing.
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