November 30th, 2000



I Suppose the highlight of the day was going outside and getting snowed on... twice. joy.

I also reacquainted myself with AoEII... After kicking the world's ass as Atilla the Hun, I'm now mellowing out as El Cid...

hmmm, took a nap earlier... heard form RedneckNinja, who says we'll prolly get together tomorrow sometime..

Still waiting for drug test/offer letter...
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Someone just called on the house phone, which woke me up... Then immediately called my cell phone while I was in the bathroom. And didn't leave a message on either. I really hate that. If you're going to try to contact me, leave a damn message. I rarely answer the phone unless I know who's calling, and caller ID was blocked for both calls.

So now I'm awake.. Joy.. What to do now?
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