November 26th, 2000



Yesss.... A very good film, I just wish my expectations hadn't been preset by people talking of certain things before I went to see it... Not that it really gave much away, but since I had read the items in question already, I knew in what direction things were going to go... Unlike Sixth Sense where I had no clue.

Spent time with Ankh and her Bob, we were going to go last night, but the crowd was just oo much - couldn't even find a parking place anywhere near the theater... Not that today was much better, what with all the kiddies going to see either Rugrats or Grinch... Gladly, none of them were in for Unbreakable...

I watched part of the BattleBots marathon last night, which was amusing... The show was recommended to me by Rodimus and crew.

Anyways, Chichi and Haha are back, and they're both very sick.. what fun it is to come home to this.

The faxes I was supposed to get yesterday didn't come through /: So I guess I'll have to try again when I'm actually here... Tomorrow. I need to hear something tomorrow from someone about this job offer...
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