November 21st, 2000



Well shit, there's snow on the ground. Glad I put my car in the garage last night.

The phone rang about a dozen times earlier, waking me up, I couldn't understand why the answering machine didn't pick it up. I got up and looked, and it was off. No wonder there hadn't been any messages from all the calls that had come in, I didn't even think about it. I wonder who turned it off... hmmm.

Let's see... Fri... Went to Jingoro's... Not much to do, chatted, and played some SSX on the PS2 until early morning. I bought a PS2 controller so we could play 2-player, I hate to leave people out of games. On the way back from the store, I blew a tire. Then watched J play FFIX a bit and crashed.

Woke up too damn early in the morning, couldn't fall back asleep, played SSX and hung around. Luckily I brought snacks, so I had breakfast. I headed over to the tire place to be it replaced, and they were full for the day, so I had the guy put me in line for as soon as they opened the next day. We ended up waiting over an hour for Jingoro to come out of his room and go to Chinese buffet, then when he finally did, he said he was staying home instead. Dammit. Anyways, ate, hung out for awhile more... Then went to Karaoke.

Karaoke was fun, I made sure not to drink nearly as much as last time. I tried some different songs, some of which went over well. I flubbed another one. For some reason, the hot thing to order was a blowjob. Raven, the bartender, served them not quite as they should be, but with a very amusing variation. She would sit the person down in a seat, then straddle them with the shot glass in her cleavage. They would down the shot from there, and then she would bounce their head back and forth between her silicon. Afterwards, she would pull up their shirt and bite their nipples. Of course, everyone else would be cheering them on. Then, someone ordered one for a female, which freaked her out. She ended up doing all but the shirt pulling and biting, then they had some 'discussion' which ended with Raven flashing the entire room. Then M ordered one for J, so she got the same treatment. Of course then one was ordered for M... Only J actually downed it in the traditional manner, which actually appeared as if she was giving him one. He came back to his seat, and immediately leaned back and started snoring.... The last song I sang was going to be One Week... Well, before that, somehow 2 people put in songs which requested half the table to get up and help. So by the time it was my turn, the people running the show told us that we couldn't keep doing that all in a row, so I had to do it alone. Have you ever tried doing that song all by yourself? It's fast, you switch from a very fast rap to pretty fast verses... Even though I knew it pretty well, by the time the instrumental break came, I was done. I kept it going, and managed to hit most of it, but damn. Anyways..

We left there a little bit before it closed, and went back to snack a bit before sleep. Although I went to playing SSX, then handed off to J so he could play more FFIX. Crashed for a little bit, then had to get up to get the tire fixed. That was irritating, since they didn't open on time, and it ended up taking over an hour total, even though the actual work part was quick. Hung around some more, finished my snacks, played more SSX. Finally Plague came out, and we watched the women's tennis finals from New York, I think it was. Hung around while Jingoro copied a cd I had brought, then came home to die.

I fell asleep vegging, then woke up and had a hard time getting back to sleep for the night. It was harsh, since I know I only got somewhere less than 2 hours of sleep after the nap and before I had to get up to catch the plane.

The direct trip wasn't bad at all. Standing in the cold waiting for the damn rental car bus was bleh. I headed over to visit Rodimus at work, then we went out to lunch with pretty much the entire group I used to work with (before the asshole boss). It was great seeing them all again, even if it wasn't for long. Then we went back to the building and looked around for some people to say hi to. Ended up stopping at a guy's desk that I didn't realize was going to interview me... So we went directly to the room to interview, then they wanted to send me over to a different building to talk to someone else, so I did that, and another guy came in to interview me there as well. After that, I headed up to get an apartment guide for the city, and went to the airport. Had a hotdog for dinner, and managed to catch a flight that left an hour earlier than the one I was booked on.

This was a great flight. I sat across from a retired gentleman who was pretty interesting, and beside a woman who was absolutely fascinating. We talked the entire flight about all sorts of things, it was a great way to pass the time. The gentleman had been on 52 cruises, made money in the stock market, and was heading to Florida for the winter. The woman was in college in California, of Lebanese and Italian descent, had dislocated her ankle, wants to be an Environmental Conservationist, and was heading to see her brother in Boston. The flight attendants on this flight were a blast, they gave humorous versions of the announcements, and sang Baby It's cold Outside when we landed in Chicago and it was snowing. I realized after I got off the plane that I really should have traded email addresses with them. Ah well.

Had a very uneventful 2 hour layover in which I started the check in line because I wanted to stand up for awhile, then fell asleep in a chair after I secured boarding pass #1. Started the line to board the plane some time later, and sat in the plane looking at apartments. This flight was boring, I couldn't quite sleep and the guy next to me was reading a book.

Got into the airport, went outside to see the bus I needed pulling out, I just missed it. So stood in the cold until the next one came by, got to my car, and drove home. I didn't really feel like messing with it, but I put my car in the garage anyway. Had some nice hot ramen for dinner #2, checked email, vegged for a bit, and finally slept. Yay.

Today I think I'll just stay home and not do anything at all. The only thing I can think of doing really is to go get a cd that's released today, but I don't remember which one, so it can't be that important. I should get some exercise, at least. We'll see.
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Is what today lacks for me... The only thing I got done was bringing the mail in from the freezing cold outside, of course it was my fault for being too lazy to bundle up appropriately, I just slapped on some sandals and a coat, and went out.

I didn't even really get apt hunting done, I was doing it on Chichi's machine, then got irritated at all the damn banners ads, so installed NIS(FE) to take care of them, and didn't reboot due to the DL queue on my machine.

Hmmm, I need to do laundry, and I prolly should call an apt search place and have them do the work for me. Well, there's always tomorrow.. Only thing to do is dinner w/Rodimus and crew sometime after 6p...

I need to check with Jingoro, Plague, RedneckNinja, Oz, etc.. See what plans are for the week/end.... Looks like I'll be spending Tday alone as it is.
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