November 17th, 2000



I just got out of the shower, was smelling all smoky from lunch.

It seems that although I may end up with 2 choices for positions at the same company, the offers will otherwise be the same. They unfortunately do not compete within the company. So whenever I get the first offer, the same $ amount will apply to the second, and all I have to decide is which job would suit me better.

I went out and bought some new, erm, clothing.. last night, then headed over to Ankh's to get details on L's arrival. Turns out the flight was coming in a 1am, so we went out to Thai, hung out for a bit watching hockey and the stupid ER show, then headed over to the airport. Of course we were way early, and the flight showed a 1/2 hour delay.. Although it managed to arrive on time.

L is awesome. Really really awesome. We had fun talking in the airport, to the car, in the car, and back at Ankh's place before we all decided we needed sleep. THe morning was more fun, we went out to Applebee's for lunch/breakfast, and then I decided I needed to come home instead of accompanying them on further adventures /: Damn this whole job thing anyways.

Anyways, Chichi's trying to figure out how to create CDs, and of course he started out by doing it the hard way... A music CD compilation from a dozen or so CDs, and having to swap cds while its burning... bleh. Anyways, they went out for a bit, and I think I'm gonna go nap.
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I did take a nap... It's really strange to be so disoriented in the evening because it's dark, but people are moving and such in the house. Usually I have the house to myself at night.

Had some leftovers for dinner, then chatted a bit with Chichi about CD burning. He wrote this last disc at 1x with simulation on, so it was a 2 hour ordeal.. ugh...

Not much else new. They added a rental car to my travel plans for mon, which will be nice, I should be on my own except for the designated interview times. The only problem is that I don't know exactly which building/floor/etc they are in... I'll have to make sure to take phone numbers with me so I can call when I get there if I don't hear back anything before then.

I was hoping for more comments on my pictures, although I understand they weren't the easiest things to get to. Ah well.

I kinda feel like going out tonight, but I also don't feel very motivated. Which describes a night at Jingoro's, really.. I wonder what they're up to... Hmm...
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