November 6th, 2000


Insomnia again

Not that it was unexpected... I did, after all, sleep most of the day away...

Finished the book I was reading, something to do with post-apocalyptic cloning. I still have a few books left, so I can keep myself somewhat entertained.

It did me good to get out of the house a few times in this past week, but now I hate to be sitting around here with nothing to do - I want to get out and be with friends...
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Paranoid? Perhaps...

I may be paranoid. This past week, hanging out with various of my friends, I've talked to some people I really haven't had contact with in awhile, if ever. And now I know more about some of them than I ever really needed to. Conversely, I get the feeling that everything I say and/or do is passed from person to person. I go out with some friends, and another emails me about the events, and details have evidently been passed along.

So maybe it's because I'm paranoid that this bothers me, I don't know. It may be that I'm just feeling a bit fed up with not being able to sleep tonight, and was recovering all day long. Maybe I'm just getting old. Maybe I've been so reclusive for so long that I forget what it is to be amongst friends.

Anyway. I've queued up some utilities and a few more stupid games for DLing while I attempt to sleep again. Hopefully I'll be awake enough tomorrow morning to field the phone calls/interviews.
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Oops I did it again...

I woke up, got online to write my first entry of the day and check things... and forgot to write the entry...

Ah well, had a few calls.. Phone interview with Rayman and boss on wed.. he's looking to hire immediately. Finished another book, can't recall the author... Was fun. Eating leftover City Chicken for lunch, may go out later...

Ok, yeah, we're going out for Chinese for dinner... too bad there isn't a decent chinese place here. I need to go back to my fave in KC.

Oh and there's some US Election Humor going around. Me, I didn't vote... No matter who you vote for, the government always wins.
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On Cloven

So at the bonfire, Bob offered me a puff of her clove cig... I don't smoke, can't stand the taste, but... Either I was really gone, or they did taste pretty good... and the lip licking afterwards was sweet... So I kept puffing back and forth... Unfortunately, I could see that becoming a habit, and those things are pricey.

Then again, as I was driving home... I realized that not only were my eyes feeling like sandboxes, I was having a hard time drawing a decent breath. I'll pin that on the cloves, thank you very much, and not take up the habit.

Still, on occasion...
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Home again

Well, went to dinner with Ankh... UJ's, had a few Guinness and the tenderloin. Good stuff. Then just hung out for a bit and chatted about various things.
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