November 5th, 2000


I survived...

What seemed to be endless amounts of driving trying to figure out where to go... and then the bonfire itself. Had a pretty good time, drank quite a bit, did a bit of dancing, lots of strange conversation - the usual.

Went to sleep somewhere around 5am, woke up at around 9am and came back home to shower, eat, drink some water, and sleep.

Got up, had dinner... not sure whether I want to go back to bed or stay up and try to sleep tonight. I need to be up fairly early tomorrow to field some calls.
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I ended up taking another nap... And now I can't connect to ICQ or several other sites I want to hit. Bleh. I also realized I missed the season premiere of Futurama and the other fox stuff.

I may just snack and go back to bed, not really getting much done today.
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