October 29th, 2000



I just realized I hadn't done an entry yet today... oops.
Not much going on, trying to stay off the computer due to RSI/CTS. Still working through the current novel... Hmmm, yeah, that's it.
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I must admit....

...I'm out of shape. I finished my intended-daily DDR session, and I hurt....
Chichi and Haha are already asleep, so I couldn't shower. That shower is painfully necessary after a session. Anyways, I managed my first recorded SS on DDR 3rd Mix - I was extremely happy with myself for that achievement. I did have problems again on the 5-footers, but was able to complete most of the other ones I tried with a B.

I also finished _Psykosis_ by Wilhelmina Baird. It's the third in the trilogy, and was very enjoyable. It's got a rough edged style somewhat reminiscent of Richard Calder's work, or early William Gibson, but isn't as lyrical. It also has a slight feel of Pat Cadigan's stream-of-consciousness style. In any case, I recommend starting at the first book, which I can't remember offhand, I think it's _CllipJoint_, but don't quote me on it.

I should get to bed early tonight so I can see what's going on with my old boss before I get the call from the people from fri... But who knows if I actually will...
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