October 27th, 2000



I'd better try to get some sleep, I fly out and back for an interview early in the morning... I think I'll have time for a morning update before I go. Hopefully, hotmail will be back up by then and I can answer any outstanding comments....
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well I'm up, and preparing for this exciting day of air travel and interview. I should be back in 11-12 hours. *crosses fingers*
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I survived...

The interview and am back in town... I've gotta get offline and make a few calls to people I missed while I was gone, but I promise to post details later.
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feedback: interview

Travel was fine, etc etc... The company is 2 years old, and just moved out of the basement at one of the partner's houses. Their product is a web-based project management tool for companies. It's pretty interesting, I can see how it would be very handy, especially in a large company where no one seems to know what's going on. 6 people work at the location I interviewed at, with a few more that telecommute from various cities.

One of them picked me up from the airport, and we chatted about various job-related topics on the drive in. I then met the 2 partners who started the business, and the other 4 people in the office. The partners and I sat down to basically chat about various details concerning my skills, the company, and the product - it wasn't much like an interview, more like a post-interview QA session. Then the one partner took me into their server (literally a) closet, where he demonstrated the components necessary on the server side for the product to operate. Then the other partner took me on a fairly quick guided tour of how the product is used, it main features, etc. I made a few suggestions from a User Interface/Design perspective which were well received.

Then the 2 partners and 2 of the other employees took me out to lunch at a local pub. It was a very nice, relaxed atmosphere. Then we headed back to the office and the first partner showed me some of the ASP code, details on their database interface DLL, and some other fine details of what I'd be working on.

After that, it was time to head to the airport, and yet another employee dropped me off at the airport, and we chatted about the company on the way. I was left with a promise that they would be discussing details and putting a package together for me early next week. I did send them an email thanking them for the trip, and they replied re-confirming the Monday discussion.

Oh, before I forget... One other tidbit. Well, besides the fact that Oz tried to get ahold of me, and I can't reach him. The woman I was sitting across from (Southwest has a few rear-facing seats in the first and exit rows) mentioned something about Nortel. I relied that I had been trying to get into their training program, but it was full through February, and I couldn't wait that long.... So she replied that her husband was an exec there, and if I gave her my number she'd see what he could do for me. I was amazed, that would be so great... Then the plane took off, and I forgot all about giving her my number until I was already home /:

Overall, it went very well. I'm confident I'll have an offer on the table by next week. The company is very much like a family, everyone was very excited to be working on their projects, and I think I could fit in pretty well there.

Now, the complications. First of all, I don't really want to be in St Louis, as I have no friends there. Then again, if they submit the right offer, I'd be willing to give it a shot. And... The big one is that as soon as I got back, I had an email from my former boss (the one I absolutely loved working for) who said he might have a opening for me and that I should call him ASAP. Of course it was nearly 6:00p by the time I got it and called him back, so I don't know much more than that. Well, some of my friends/ex-co-workers also sent mail with a little more detail, but nothing solid. Given otherwise equal offers, I'd have to go with this one. I'd be back in KC instead of St Louis, which is a very good thing. Not only do I have quite a few friends there, I miss the team we had (of which there are rumors it's being put back together in a different department) and, of course, my favorite Chinese restaurant....

I started on that book I got the other day, then fell asleep for a ~2 hour nap earlier. Now I'm semi-awake and trying to stay up in order to make it through the night when I sleep next. I really feel like going out with some friends, but none are available on this short a notice... not to mention they're at least 1/2 hour away. So maybe tomorrow I'll go out instead. I'm pretty sure I have something to celebrate, after all.
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