October 21st, 2000


Of Errors, Comedy

Well, I ended up going to Jingoro's place... We sat around, chatted, went to Faz, chatted, came back... and wouldn't you know it? DDR was on, so of course we had to join in. Jingoro's roommate, J... well.. let's just say he's impressive at the game.

We went back to Plague's room, and were discussing the fiasco Jingoro had with trying to upgrade the bios on Plague's machine... I had sold the board/proc to Plague a few months earlier, having no need for it. Since I had thrown the original box away, I provided one left over from the K62 machine I had sold some months before. Jingoro was providing Plague with his old HD, but for some reason the bios wouldn't recognize its full capacity, so he tried to upgrade it... which ultimately lead to him buying a new board/proc for Plague. And as they were talking, I realized - the box they were holding was for a different motherboard than the one Plague had been using - Jingoro had tried to flash a TX97XE with the bios for a P5A... 3 months later, I tell them what went wrong. There was much laughter at the situation as it sunk in. And I foresaw my death as I kept pointing out details that differentiated the 2 boards in question, and Jingoro kept getting more and more vivid.

Anyways... Made a run out to Wally world and Meijer... more DDR, then I realized it was time to drive home again.

Nasty situation, cops sitting in the median with all their lights off in the middle of the night.. Glad I wasn't going too fast...

Mental note: check with Oz and RedneckNinja.

Time to crash.
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Yawn, stretch, blah

Well I'm awake again... Joy.
Not much to say, but I want to keep in the habit of writing here at least a few times a day, and after I get up seems to be one of the best times to do so. Haha and Chichi are leaving, which means the house is mine for the day... Jingoro mentioned dropping by sometime later to hang out and trade some AMVs and such.

The highlight of the day is the 19th birthday of djpynki. Tanjobi wo omedeto!
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Umm... I didn't mean to take such a long nap... bah, now 'm all fuzzy. Supposedly Jingoro is on the way, so gotta wake up.
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Since I finally found out Jingoro isn't coming by... I've been watching Lain. I bought the first DVD months ago, and Jingoro let me borrow the other 3 last night. Just finished disc 2... And it just keeps getting better. I know I'm going to have to watch it at least one more time all the way through, but... Some great stuff in there.
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