October 20th, 2000



Strange, I dreamed of Exodus last night... As in, I went to Oz for some reason, met up with Exodus, and we just wandered around the country, seeing the sights. The strange thing is that I felt I had been there before, and was talking about places and details... Hmm, and somewhere in there Jingoro showed up and went with us... I think it was at dinner... A strange dinner, but it's already fading and I can't recall any more.

Well I went offline pretty early last night, my RSI/CTS was acting up, and TV sucked as usual, so I went to bed and started re-reading _Ender's Shadow_.

Woke up early for a broom break, and managed to get back to sleep. Kind of a lazy day. I wonder if I'm so out of it because I haven't had caffeine in over a week? I should get outta the house and do some things today, we'll see.
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Eeesh, I haven't had that kinda workout since... well, AWA... I finally managed to feel up to playing some DDR today... It's strange, ever since AWA and the Deluxe mat, I can get through any of the 3-5 foot songs on normal 3rd remix, which I didn't used to be able to do. Very strange. Anyway, I had all perfects about 1/3 way through _Butterfly_, then I missed one and it was downhill from there. I was on my way to S and ended up with B. Ah well. Haha is getting better, she can now get D's on most basic songs. I played in Another on Basic against her, so I could get my workout in. The quickstep still kill me.

Hmm, _Legend of Drunken Master_ is playing at 3:30p, so I'm gonna go see it by myself - it doesn't look like anyone's around to go that early, and I'm not gonna sit around all night waiting for them.

Talked to Jingoro about getting together tonight, be he's gotta wait for Plague and his bro, so he doesn't know what' up. He's also had a very stressful week, so I figure I'll just catch up after the movie and see... No sense worrying about it.

Ah well, off to scrounge around the house for lunch then movie time. Damn, I'm excited to be able to see this film on the big screen.
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Legend of Drunken Master

Ahh, yes.... Otherwise known as Drunken Master II... It has the most insane fight sequences I've ever seen. And the big screen really does them justice. If you like JC at all, you must see this on the big screen - you won't be disappointed!

Hmm, seems as if I were popular after I left... Oh well, I can catch up to these people on Monday.