October 19th, 2000



I hate the fact that I sleep light sometimes... I was perfectly fine, deep asleep... And the phone rang. Now, because I was expecting a call at 10:00am, I immediately came up from the depths and ran to the phone. It was some stupid call from the travel agent about a flight change for Haha and Chichi. Bah. So I go back to bed...

And of course it seems like 2 seconds later my PCS alarm goes off, meaning that it's time for my phone interview... So I manage to get vertical a bit slower this time, and wait... and wait.. and wait... About 10:30 I decide to check my email again to verify the time, and wouldn't you know it, it say 10:00AM (GMT -7) which means I have between 1-2 hours before the actual call.

So I shower, and sit by the phone until 11:15... Then go downstairs for breakfast. I start to pour my cereal into the bowl, and my PCS rings, so I run upstairs to answer it. Wouldn't you know it? It's the phone interview.

The interview itself was with both partners of the company, they have a web tool that they market to companies to cut through some red tape and keep people informed. Sounds great. These guys talk in depth about DB experience in Oracle and SQL. Which is exactly the sort of skill I have none of, so I'm getting a bit down. Then they ask if I would be willing to learn these skills as part of the job, and I of course say yes. I'm impressed with them at this point, as they've managed to see the picture I tried to paint in my resume, not just the hard facts therein. Then they mention travel, which I'm fine with. Then they notice a tidbit from one of my online resumes that says I'd like to relocate to OZ, and they ask a bout that, then mention they get contacted from all over the world, and I may have opportunities to visit Oz, India, England, Italy, and more... And I'm ecstatic.

We conclude the interview with my promise to visit their website in depth, and to have one of the employees give me a call to chat a bit so I can get a better idea of how the company works from that POV.

The only thing that concerns me is that they want me to move to St Louis. That's... Well, I don't have any friends there... I'd rather be in KC, which isn't too too far away. But if it comes down to it, I'll take it anyway. At the rate they say they are growing, I have a good chance to switch to another office fairly quickly.

Anyway... Time to do my daily run of sites, e-mail check, etc... Hopefully RedneckNinja will be showing up later to go play darts somewhere... That reminds me, need to look for my darts..
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Not much to report... Still waiting on more info about jobs...

Nearly done with _Nightwatch_ ... I'm gonna have to run to Half Price books tomorrow, maybe cash in some old books and get some more to keep me busy when I'm idle... Also finished the Bronze level of the Puzz3D.

RedneckNinja was involved with plumbing probs all day, so... Perhaps another day...
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I disliked _Nightwatch_... why? Because it was pretty obvious where everything was going, and the ending felt like a cop-out. I kept hoping that there would be some final plot twist that would save the entire book. There wasn't. This book seemed to be aimed at teenage boys and young women at the same time - the detailed action/violence for him, and the cheesy romanticism for her.

If this is an example of the best in general modern fiction, I'm glad I stick to Cyberpunk and SciFi.
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