October 17th, 2000



Well, I finally figure it was time to get up for the day... Looked at the clock, and panicked. I was after 1:00pm. I had scheduled an interview and contract signing thing at 2:00pm. So I rushed thru the shower, got online to check my mail and get the directions to the place... And wouldn't you know it? They weren't there. This indicates to me that the person I was talking to, who went home early yesterday due to illness, didn't come into work today. So I sent them a message stating that since I hadn't heard from them, I was figuring they weren't at work today and get well soon. Yay.

So I have a few calls to field a bit later today, but I can still relax and have breakfast in the meantime. I also may go out to the library and pick up the copy of Orson Scott Card's _Ender's Shadow_ that's on reserve for me. I'll be done with _The Diamond Age_ today, with any luck.

Hmmm, I can't think of anything else important to put up here... I don't feel quite like ranting yet, so I'll save that up for later.
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Fried Brain on Toast

Well. After my earlier fiasco, I waited for the incoming phone call, which didn't. I called the guy, and it seems that it was scheduled for tomorrow. BAH. BAH, I say!

This proves that I am not quite up to speed, no matter how much I would like to be.

As a corollary, it again shows that my brain is pure, unadulterated RAM.

I'm a fucking idiot

I had a phone interview from Japan at 9:00pm... which I forgot, so was on-line...

Lucky, the person was very intelligent and e-mailed me saying they couldn't get through, so I was able to call them back and get it going...

Another problem is that they were English... So I had to really concentrate to get around the accent.

And the final problem is that, for once, the position seems to be out of my league. I would love to take it on, but I can't in good faith says I'm the person for the job.
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More on the Tokyo project

From what I understand, they want someone to build their e-commerce site from the ground up - hardware and all. This would include servers, firewalls, connectivity, applications, pages, and everything in between.

It would be an awesome project to be part of, just the kind of thing I need for personal experience as well as to add to my resume..
it's just that... I can't possibly do all of that right now... I simply don't have all the knowledge needed. And it's not exactly the kind of thing you can just pick up a book and study on your own.

That, and my Japanese is so rusty....

I'm not trying to count myself out, I'm just being realistic. I'm damn good and what I do, and I'm sure once in that position I would pick it up quickly and be able to work towards delivering precisely what they want. It appears to be a very daunting task at the moment, and with what limited knowledge I have right now, it doesn't seem to hold much promise.

Then again, I do still have a technical interview to schedule from London, and I'm waiting on more details to be delivered via e-mail. I'm starting to hope that with these, I can get myself set up on the correct angle and nail it despite my initial misgivings.
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