October 15th, 2000


Today I sign up for a dedication

Well, I've been pondering starting one of these for quite awhile... After reading through some other people's versions and gaining insights into their lives, it seems as if this kind of thing has some value.
I will attempt to keep this going on a daily (or almost-) basis, and see what happens. I can write when cornered, but have a hard time at various points to come up with inspiration for something to say.
So here's to the dedication...
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Well, that was certainly refreshing... It would figure that a 4:00am I was fighting to go to sleep, and losing... then at 4:00pm I was fighting to stay awake... and lost...
Finished another book, _Equal Rites_ by Terry Pratchett. Started _The Diamond Age_ by Neal Stephenson. Pasta for dinner, yum.
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ahh Tokyo.. I knew it, well...

Reading through some of these journals, as well as hanging about on irc, I keep seeing tidbits about Tokyo, and am... well, it couldn't be called homesick, since I technically never did live there, but... the feeling is the same. I want to take the subway from Hiroo to Akihabara and waste an entire day shopping for nothing in particular, always discovering new shops and branches of the same shops I always hit. And stop by that Dr Pepper machine there, and my favorite ramen shop... *sigh*
In other news, I'm going to damn well be over this illness by tomorrow if I have to take each malicious cell out of my body by hand.
Tomorrow also marks the return to the great job hunt, in which I finally get paid a decent amount to do work I want to do (knock on wood, plastic... hell, even pleather)
And I got roped into writing more monthly junk.. yay... I suppose this is one way to kickstart my writing career - be inundated with writing on a regular basis.
Hmmm, anything else worth mentioning? I don't think so at this point, but I'm sure I'll open up soon... And I'm damn well gonna force myself to keep writing here, even if no one reads it!