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fucking ticketmaster ass shit

ok, so Taz likes Alaznis... Alanis is going ot be in town next month, the day after Taz's birthday... right, so you understand now why I went through all this BS.

heard on the radio yesterday that Alanis was going to be in town soon... talked to Taz, and they've never been to a concert before... didn't get the impression that they REALLY wanted to go, but... enough to go ahead and get the tickets.

tickets were supposed to go on sale today. so I go to and look. Yep, 10am Thursday. I sign up for an account to save time last night, and go to bed expecting to be up and on the comp righ ton time. I was. 10:05 I'm sitting there trying to get some decent tickets.


so I try to get the tickets.. it says you need a password... so I sign in with my account... but you can't do that unless you've already provided address and credit card info... note, it's not an either/or thing.. you MUST PROVIDE BOTH for the to store on their server and be released to the world when they get hacked (yes, paranoia, deal). Anyway, so I go back to trying various tickets combinations, to no avail.

Evidently the passwrod is provided on the artist's website. Uh.. ok... WTF, right?

so I go to the website. It's flash only. fuck. I fucking hate flash. I don't need flash spam, I hate all that moving a/v crap they put into with no way to turn it off. waste of bandwidth and time.

anyway. so I figure, hey it's for the SO, so I'll get it and spend the next 4 hours removing all traces of it from my system. no. fucker won't fucking download. I have no idea why. because, of course, THERE IS NO FUCKING LINK TO JUST DOWNLOAD THE THING TO YOUR DRIVE. no, they have this 'smart' installer which just does the plugin this into your browser by auto-detecting all the crap, etc... doesn't work. I try. I try different URLs. I try finding a downloadable one. I try using the old mozilla browser I had installed awhile back. nothing works.


so, I grab the newest Netscape 6.2, figuring wtf not at this point. IT'S A FUCKING INSTALLER. I FUCKING HATE INSTALLERS. so after the barrage on my firewall and several minutes of wait time while it grabs all the pieces (even the ones I told it I didn't want), it's installed. It works. I go find flash and try to DL it. It works. So I go back to the artist's site. It works.



I look around several different area, try doing some searches and other approaches, and nothing.


so instead of throwing the entire machine out the window, I just close everything in disgust and wander off to do other things.

took a shower, ate food, went to the arcade to play my machine a bit... went to wally world to shop... found a speakerphone with mute for under $20.. and a patch kit that looks like it'd work on my ripped DX pads.

get home spend 1/2 hour putting the other phone on the wall by the comp so the new phone can go by the couch where the work laptop is, THE FUCKING MUTE BUTTON ONLY WORKS WHEN YOU'RE HOLDING IT. Who the FUCK came up with that goddamned stupid idea? So now I've got a $20 phone that sucks shit, it's not even cordless. Then I try applying the patch to the pads. it doesn't stick. at all. OH well, there's another $2 down the drain.

On a whim, as I'm logging into work for the evening, I check back on the artist's site. LO AND BEHOLD, we have ourselves a MIRACLE! Sometime in the 3 hours after I had spent 2 hours trying to get the damn info, they *GASP( UPDATED THE SITE with CURRENT information, including the GODDAMNED PASSWORD! So I go try to get the tickets... and it doesn't work with NS, so I have to open up IE to PURCHASE THE FUCKING TICKETS. But I finally get it done. We're in the orchestra on one side, which isn't too bad I hope.


Work, I worked.

Taz called. They're planning on coming over on Sunday after they get back in town... mmm that'll be nice.

More work.




walked out in the after-storm night to check the mail.. nice walk... mail was all junk.

now I'm about ready to die. *yawn*

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