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oh yeah, lj

forgot to update again... well, not really.. more like didn't take the time.

I feel like utter crap this morning, think I may be slightly sickly.

thurs was ddr, then found out that my work schedule chagned from midnight to 9 to 5pm to 2am... and was pissed... sleep schedule all kinds of fucked up... but didn't have anything to do on thurs....

fri woke up, went to meet with ppl for lunch, and only Rodimus and Hawkwind showed... then called into a bullshit meeting.... and found out I prolly owuldn't have to work until monday... Taz came over to cuddle and nap for a bit, then we went to dinner with Hunnybee and Morphine... Mongolian BBQ... I got to feeling blah, sickly.... but it was fun with the company... we stopped by Taz's to get some movies and check out the animals, then back to my place to veg and watch.... Morphine picked Jackie Chan's City Hunter, which went over pretty well despite initial objections. Then we watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which went over pretty well again...

Morphine and Hunnybee left, and Taz and I went to bed... according to both of us, our playtime was the best yet... we talked for a bit, then crashed... Had to wake Taz up at 6-something so they could go home and be there when J got dropped off.. meanwhile, I went back to bed...

Taz just called, saying their mother (which they do NOT have a good relationship with) had a stroke last night... so they're going to drive out to OK to visit them today.. before it's too late...

I'm not sure whether to have lunch, play a bit of DS or WBC2, veg to TV, read, or go back to bed.....

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