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well... went into work late

left work early

went to the arcade to talk to the manager about the new machiens and such... rodimus showed up... I played a bit of HHM, actually passed all 4 songs...

Went home to eat and burn a few cds... Taz called saying they were heading home but I was welcome to come by... I'm still here at Taz's... although they are asleep.

we cuddled and talked and watched tv (they made me watch Austin Powers TSWSM) and such for..... a long time... we really went kinda deep into discussions about us, what we each wanted, where we were heading, etc...

did us both good, I think (hope).... don't know if we'll make it, but at least it's not communications that will get in our way.

I need to stay up an hour or three longer still, in prerp for tomorrow's midnight to 9am shift for work...

I've been catching up online and playing WBC2.

oh had a very interesting conversation with Hunnybee earlier, too.

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