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On Jobs, and Why I Quit My Last One

reading sweetpea2264's comment to the previous post, I realized that I could use with some catharsis by self-justifying my situation.

I quit my previous job for several reasons. Unfortunately to see it all in context I have to go further back to the last time I was in this situation.

About 2 years ago, I had become victim of "downsizing" at the company I had just started working for. Day 2 of my employment there, I was digging my teeth into figuring out a redesign for their extranet. I didn't notice it at the time, but my immediate supervisor and the department head were both off somewhere. My supervisor shows up, kind of worried, and asks me to come to a meeting with her. I follow, and see the representative from the consulting company I was technically working for. Now, I'm not stupid, and I know there's some bad news. They start of the explanation by saying "Now, this is not about anything you did" and proceed to explain that the company decided to cut costs, and since I 'm the low person on the totem pole AND on contract, I'm victim #1. Now, consider the fact that I had just finally secured a job, was just starting to get to know my co-workers, had just put a deposit on the apartment I was supposed to move into that weekend. I was unhappy, to say the least. They do, however, grant me 2 weeks of employment, just to show they aren't cruel, heartless, corporate money-pinchers. Anyways.

So that puts me out looking for a job again. It takes about 9 months to secure one. It's 500 miles away, but I get hired. This team consisted of a close friend from college (who got me the job), his close friend, and a solid team of good, talented people lead by a master of corporate politics who still managed to keep hold of the realization that he had to take care of his team.

About 9 months go by, and despite politics and some seriously wrong events due to politics, we are still THE team. We always take care of any problems. We very rarely make mistakes. We trust and depend on each other. We're friends. Our boss keep the political waters at bay, leaving us to do what we do best. Suddenly, we're called into an impromptu meeting in which the boss says he's leaving the team for a new position in another department. We're stunned. We're pissed. We don't blame him, but we realize the shit we're in.

So this other yahoo comes in to take his place. He's incompetent. He's arrogant. He's not qualified for the position, except that at a previous company he worked under the senior manager that's currently over us. He doesn't know what he's talking about. We realize that his main concern is politics, and how best to make himself look good (it would take a lot). He doesn't care about the team except as a vehicle to get himself promoted. He doesn't care about what we do except that we should do whatever he wants to make him look good - not to worry about whether it's good for the company, but him, personally. We tell him exactly how things are done and how certain things affect others. He smiles, nods, and doesn't listen - then comes back wondering when things turn out exactly as we said.

His method of asking me to be the team member at work for the new year's response team was "Oh, by the way, you're going to be hear on new year's eve." He gives me an average review. His response when I inquired about my yearly raise was "If you're lucky, it will cover inflation."

During all this, it becomes obvious to all of us that not only is our team going to hell, but the entire departments politics is getting out of hand. Efficiency, Loyalty, Perseverance - none of these describe anyone in our department, and it's getting worse. 2 of the senior members leave the team. The rest of us inquire about being promoted into their positions. The new asshole's response is to ask each of us who should be promoted. Each of our responses is the same "Everyone." He was quite surprised at that, and started working on trying to break us apart with politics, but we didn't play ball.

Finally, I realized that this was seriously hurting me. I had gone from a dream job where I loved to come to work and welcomed the challenges of each day to barely being able to make my way in every morning, knowing that sheer hell was ahead. One of the final straws was him suddenly switching my shift from 6am-3pm to 8a-5p for no reason. Other than, I expect, so he could be hanging over my shoulder every minute I was there. Which reminds me of more. He would walk in and ask me to do something non-critical. I would agree, and continue with whatever I had been doing. 15 minutes later he comes in and asks if I had done it yet, I replied not, and kept working. Repeat. Then he comes in and says that he had done whatever it was and now I should do this other thing. Repeat every 15 minutes. So first he doesn't trust me to do the task when I have the opportunity to. Then he goes and does it himself and tried to hand it back to me. By this time I figure if he's going to do it, then let him do it, I've got more important things to do.

Anyway. A friend starts mentioning this startup in DC that he has been talking to, and wants me to join him there. I agree, and quit. Unfortunately, the startup falls through - rather, it never starts up. So that's why I'm here, looking of r a job for the past 5 months.

Now it's starting to get serious. For awhile I was enjoying the vacation, coasting as it were, sending out a resume now and then, but not really trying. Now, I realize that I need to get OUT OF HERE and back to work. I need to have structure to my day and make some money, get outta the house, meet people, etc. So I've been trying for about 2-3 weeks now to get into a job ASAP.

I hate recruiters. They're near-dropouts who managed to realize that if they could shuffle papers all day, they could make a living. I am a technical person (that's GEEK to you), and I know my business. I have hand coded HTML for 6 years now, I use CSS, Perl/CGI, Javascript, I've learned JAVA, C/C++, VB, Assembler, Pascal, Focus. I've taught people the intricacies of Win 3.1, 95, plus basic levels of VAX/VMS and Unix. Not to mention the Office apps, Photoshop, and more. I've fucking drafted using Applicon Bravo, UG, AutoCad, and Microstation. I've edited using cut benches, Video Toaster, and AvidMCXpress. I've had a computer for over 15 years. I've been building my own system for 7. I can understand how to use an application I've never seen before in 5 minutes flat. I've been in charge of installing software to 10,000 desktops to 14 locations around the nation. I've been involved in managing projects from start to finish. AND YOU FUCKING RECRUITERS TELL ME THAT I'M NOT FUCKING QUALIFIED!? WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU MORONIC, ROCK FOR BRAINS, ASSHOLE KISSING SLUGS!?


So in any case, I'm working on a few leads this week, any of which I will take if they pan out.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to my email for responses, then off the phone line in case of calls.

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