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just got home...

had lunch with Taz... chinese of course...

work was blah, did more site work and such...

came home, ate, and napped after work... vegged to the hockey game... fop called begging for money...

finally decided to head out to the store... figured I'd go see how Rain's doing, since their phone was still hotlined... got there, and Morphine and Hunnybee were there... we went out to dinner.. chinese of course... back to Rain's.. just hung out and talked for awhile... things seemed a bit strange, not sure exactly what it was... but I know something's going on, and I'm not going to worry about it for now.

anyways, left there... realized it was kinda late, and I never really like going to the store, so I just came home to catch up on stuff for the night and crash..

RSI is flaring up /:

forgot stamps.. gotta mail acen hotel $ to Jingoro... and my company card bill...

Taz called while I was out to say goodnight... sweet, neh?

hmmmmm.... yeah.

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