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I think I forgot to mention the email I got the other day... Seems a rant I sent in to Business Week magazine may be published here soon. Amazing.

I finished the Sterling book, which was marvelous, btw, and am debating on which of the 5 remaining library books to start next. I may just blindly choose one. We'll see. I keep meaning to post a favorite book list, but I've been too lazy to collect URLs.

I see SweetPea2264 is still alive, and M is back in the country safe and sound - good news all around.

I'm still feeling kinda blah overall every day, and I still haven't pinned down the exact cause. Part of it may just be sheer boredom, or cabin fever, but it could also have something to do with the fact I haven't had my daily Dr Pepper for about a month now... And I ran out of my daily vitamins.

I really need to separate the crap I'm selling/trashing/donating from the stuff I'm moving, because I'm guessing once I secure one of these jobs, I'm not gonna have a lot of time in which to do that. I'll make that tomorrow's project.

Oh wait, Oz is dropping by tomorrow... Hmm.. I'm sure it'll be after working hours though... And that bonfire thing is Sat... I'm sure I'll need Sun to recover... and Mon it'll be phone tag hopefully solidifying these job prospects. Ah well, I'll at least try to do a little bit each day, even if it's only packing up the novels or something mundane like that.

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