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I snuck away for a bit while Taz is sleeping....

It's been a very good day/night.

I slept in Fri.. well, tried to anyways... maintenance came by early to change furnace filter and check fire extinguisher... called Taz about 1... we talked for awhile....

finally got up and in the shower, then just vegged... had ramen for lunch... until Taz called back to say they were on their way over... put some clothes on... started making pasta for dinner....

Taz arrived, and we cuddled on the couch and watched some south park episodes.. then we made some cookies... then Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back... then some of the bonus footage... and then we went to bed to read and sleep...

After a couple hours, we were both awake, so we started a very long discussion... about us, things, stuff, and all that... It was marvelous. We surprised each other a little bit... and then Taz drifted off to sleep again... and I did off and on...

I'd been lying there awake for awhile, so I figured I'd get up and see if anything interesting was going on while they slept... Didn't want to disturb their sleep... they do look so peaceful... and I've a hard time controlling the impulse to wake them up to play... Better to let them sleep... for now.

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