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damn I feel good right now.

not what I was expecting to type tonight, that's for sure... but it's true...

got up and out the door early... didn't waste time at the comp... or with breakfast.... just up and out to work.... beat the rush...

had enough to do between work and catching up on email, boards, etc to last me 'til lunch.... went with Rodimus and Taz to chinese... and managed to talk to Taz a bit about things, which really helped us both relax a bit... They let me know how scared they were... I let them know I was still in shock, but they had my full support and patience..

afternoon was... a bit long, but I had almost enough to do to keep me busy... found out what was wrong with the app just before I left... sent an email and let others deal with it.

came home... Taz called... we chatted a bit, then I mentioned I wanted to hang out... so I ate dinner while they went shopping, and headed over... we just cuddled on the couch... did a bit of subversive kissing to mostly avoid J's sight, since they 'don't like mushy stuff'... and generally relaxed and enjoyed each other's company....

let me just say that tonight I'm actually feeling the attraction... unlike yesterday... I think we both needed to start getting over the shock and relax for it to start happening...

I'm high on Taz... prolly want another dose tomorrow, but don't wanna OD...

I started thinking about it, and I realized that having them at work is frustrating... but in a good way.. We can talk and see each other there... but strictly hands-off... which is a bit frustrating, right? But later... it all comes out... the anticipation has built... so it's better...

In other news, I chatted with Ankh briefly... Flirted shamelessly with Hunnybee... Strawberry wrote a message saying they were listening to the tape I had made them oh-so-long-ago.... Thought about contacting Tigger... Chichi asked me what the next step in my biz was... and the payment for 3 arcade machines arrived at the seller's, who is taking them to the shipper tomorrow.

I am, at this moment, more excited and up on life than I perhaps have ever been in recent memeory.

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