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I suppose I should update

haven't been in the mood to do so lately...

working strange hours.... and Oz is on the comp most of them time when I'm not.

working on biz arrangements today

worked 8am - 8pm mon.... off and on most of the day tues, then 6pm-2am.... today I've already worked for a n hour or two, and work 10pm-whenever... then all day tomorrow 8am-?? But at that ponit I should be done with this stupid project.

food... Sun night Thai... Oz loves to eat and try things, so we all ended up getting more than usual... Mon lunch was Chinese... dinner was pasta and leftover thai... Tues lunch was BBQ, dinner was ramen and this rice pudding Oz made... Today lunch was J's... dinner prolly pasta and pudding...

had a fire last night.. Oz's pot overboiled... hours later I went to cook ramen, and the dried milk and such ignited...

RedneckNinja called last night, talked to both of us for awhile...


uhhh... that's all I can recall for now.

tried to take a nap.. didn't happen.. talked to Chichi for a bit.

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