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Good news, everyone

Well, Rodimus spell-checked and tweaked my resume, and sent it out for me. He also found someone else there who is interested in hiring me. That makes it, what, 5 job openings now I'm up for at the moment? At just this one company, to boot. Amazing how fast things move sometimes. It's nice to have friends who try to take care of you.
He also found a new/better job for Hawkwind's bro, which will be nice. I went out with Hawkwind's bro and his wife last time I was in town, and we had a blast. It'll be great to have income again, and be amongst friends who have money to spend... Not that I'm trying to discount my college friends, it's just... well, if you're working at a good job and making good money out of college, and think about your friends back in college, you know what I mean. There's a huge difference in your outlook on things, specifically material.

Anyway, time to have yet another helping of Haha's homemade Chop Suey... It's good, but a bit tame for me, I end up having to spice it up quite a bit as I reheat it.

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