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I was so fucking pissed earlier.

I got all ready, was in the car 1/2 way to chinese.. when the damn phone rang... stupid me, I answered it, even though I knew from the # it was from work... my coworker says "bad news, I've gotta take off, and the boss wants you on the conference call and running this test ASAP.." so I pull a U-turn and come home, spend an hour on this stupid shit, which mostly consists of this peabrain "support" person trying to figure out what to do, because he doesn't listen any of the times we've gone over the info - he only listens after he asks the question.

So I log off, go get chinese and a 6 of guinnes draught, and head over to Taz's place... we watch Scary Movie 2, during which I gorge myself on chinese and go through most of the beer... then I play some 007 game on ps2 with J, then watch Taz play MR3.... then Cinderella 2 goes in, and I drift off next to Taz... then the other kids get back, and I realize the best place for me to be is home...

so I come home. dammit.

that, and Taz is back to the whole "let's find you someone else" thing.

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