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another day

work was work... kinda sucked... had Chinese for lunch... boss informed us that another group has the environment until they can fix the current problems, so we aren't working off hours...

Rain resigned.... ok, well... they had the option of either being fired or resigning... so they did...

Taz was at work today for the first time in .. over a month, I think...

came home, had dinner, and napped... I think I almost got sick from something, but have been eating and sleeping enough to ward it off for now....

Rain called and woke me up to say that OPFF is upgrading their PIU machine to PREX tomorrow, so we're gonna go check it out...

I called Taz.. and we talked for most of an hour or so... I'm just a sucker for them, I guess... We talked about all sorts of things, including where we stand... No change, but I did get some things off my chest, and they were accepted as such, so...


Looks like work 8-5 rest of the week, OPFF Tues, PCS Wed and Thurs, and then Fri and Sat are undetermined so far..

I wouldn't be surprised if Rain headed out to Columbia or StL or Omaha or something sometime this week/end.... Or perhaps the situation will finally hit and they'll start job hunting.. not sure

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