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I've been.... extra moody... of late....

not sure why, all told.... prolly a combination of things....

Been trying to hook up with Taz for... over a year now... not gonna happen anytime soon, so I think I'll back off there.. and stay that way.

Dunno if there's any other likely suspects for now...

Work is.. work.... I enjoy some days, I can't stand to be there others... typical for me.

My body is annoying me.... I need to get into better shape - there's things I wanna do that I don't have the energy for... Like hours of rigorous DDR...

I've also had a hard time lately sitting down and completing tasks... I only get partway through before going off and doing something else, or avoiding things entirely...

so.. yeah...

I forget when my last update was, but... yesterday at work was kinds blah... had a few things to do, which I did quickly, then was bored the rest of the time. Didn't feel like volunteering or anything more.

Went to Panera for lunch with rodimus, then over to pcs to talk to th owner about the possibility that I could buy a 6th mix machine and put it there and split the profit...

Back to work, had a meeting in a different building, which was confusing since only one entrance lead to the area it was in... Then came back and chatted with Morhpine and Hawkwind until it was time to leave...

Went to pcs after changing and spent 4 hours playing DDR... most I've played recently... Got an S on Afronova while performing it - somehow I hit all the backwards jumps this time. Ended up passing Captain Jack trick, which had been bugging me the last few times.... it wore me out..

Came home to shower and eat dinner, then realized I was so out of it all I could do was watch olympic hockey and fall asleep...

Woke up with my neck hurting. joy.

Off to another work day.

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