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on life and V-day

well, I managed to get out and do some things last night... took awhile, but I think it was worth it.

Woke up this morning just before the alarm went off, wandered into the bathroom.... and Taz called...


So I'm cooking curry tonight for Taz and the kid... strange how things happen, eh?

wandered in to work, got my report done... not much else for me to do, really...

Rain backed out of StL on sat... Morphine and Hunnybee prolyl aren't gonna go, either... so... it's either just me, or move it to another weekend. Prolly just save it and help Taz move sat instead.

On lunch from work atm... went to the asian market... bought a few things for tonight... cury, peppers, good rice, dessert, etc...

the few ppl at work who knew it was me that left things for them were appreciative.... and most of the others I sent stuff too were as well... I like being able to do that anonymously, especially at work.

I know some people don't like the day, and I'm fine with that. In fact, I don't care if you threw it away unopened... I don't expect a reply or anything. I do what I do because I enjoy doing it, and there's a chance someone's day will be brighter because of it. If not, well... I made the effort anyways, kept myself amused, and feel better about myself when I demonstatrate unselfishness and freely given gifts.

Yes, some people whine about not having anyone... well I don't, either. And some people rub it in that they have someone... well good for them. The truth is that you can enjoy the day, regardless... And you can give gifts to brighten a friend's or co-worker's or relative's or even stranger's day.

And it's much easier to do so on this holiday than others... say, xmas...

Anyways... I should clean my place up (yeah right) or at least put dishes in the dishwasher so they're clean for later... It's gonna be a bit tight later on, since I'm supposed to call Taz when I get off of work around 8pm... And then have to get to the store to get the rest of the stuff I need to make the curry... not to mention the fact that I prolly wanna buy a few other things... and do it right.

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