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woke up from a nice dream and couldn't get back to sleep....

I'm expected to be at Taz's going away lunch today at J's at 11:30..... I think I'm going to skip it. I hate goodbyes.

I have a feeling today will be a good day to dive into work and not think about other things.

I should dig out photoshop and get it going so I can update flyers and such for the club.

Since I'm up early, there's a chance I could make it out to MicroCenter and look at digicams and such, perhaps buy one of those multi card readers....

Or I may wait and get the DV Cam instead.

Either way, I need to cash the checks from relatives and get that $ in the bank.

I'm glad that my friends repected my wishes and didn't get me anything yesterday. They came to Chinese New Year and gave me a card that the whole restaurant signed. That was perfect, and all I really wanted.

Except Taz wasn't there.

I guess I'm really disappointed more than anything else... I mean, I know they have too many things to do before leaving tomorrow and all... But they made it sound like hell or high water, they'd be there... and then cancelled. Which I expected, but still...

And of course V-Day is fucked now as well, dammit.

Yeah, I'm being a bit whiny.... That's ok, once I get it out, I'll be over it quickly.

I took a few minutes to scream into my pillow earlier, and it felt good... I need to get back into DDR every day, or fencing, or something physical each day in which I can work out some of this.

I'm okay though. Just a bit flaky today.

Gonna have some cereal and figure out what to do next.

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