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damn impulse buys and laziness

so napped.... went to chinese with rain... went to the store for milk, oj, and bread...

came back and vegged... did some more cleaning, etc...

and vegged...

did I mention I vegged? I'm not quite sure where all the time went....

and then I got a wild hair, looked on for a few things I had tagged before... and lo and behold, a bunch of stuff was on sale... under $10... so I figured, WTF, eh? Got a few things I want to hear/try, or that I know I can do.... I'll save the rest for requests to the person running karaoke on Sats...

Now I'm ready to crash, even though it's a bit early still - I work 12-8 this week... which kinda screws with some plans, but oh well... Looks like Chinese New Year tomorrow night at Chinese, nothing on Tues yet, Wed is DDR at PCS, then Thurs karaoke if Taz is still in town, Fri nite dinner/DDR, Sat a road trip to play DDR 5th mix in StL.... Busy week, I suppose.

I need to keep at DDR/PIU, want to make sure that I get in better condition aerobically. Need to be able to survive through trick and maniac sets in the arcade....

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