Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

yeah yeah yeah

went to Billy Goats for lunch yesterday... intructor thought that it was the place that SNL skit came from "hamburger, hamburger, hamburger, coke." Dunno, I had an Italian sausage (shut up) that was decent... fries that weren't (I think I've lost my taste for fries somehow)... and a free DrP from the training center.

the afternoon of class was agonizing. We finally moved on from where I had been over 24 hours previous, and learned a few things, but not much. The instructor is a very good teacher, but not so technical. He also has only used the app to do testing on web pages, so some questions go over his head.

Knocked off slightly early, went back to the hotel, and decided to walk somewhere for dinner... Remembered the Irish pub near the art museum, so went there. I was impressed with the menu, and it took awhile to decide what to eat, elthough I ordered a Guinness first thing. Ended up with wings, a steak, broccoli, bread, and shrimp. Was a nice meal. Sat facing a window, so I could watch people walk by... Very relaxing.

Went back to the hotel and napped during the 1st hockey game, and watched most of the 2nd. Didn't call anyone or do anything special, just vegged.

This morning, I was up before the alarm, and ready to go earlier than yesterday... And so were my coworkers.

back in class... was a nice 1oC walk this morning into the damn wind... I am done with this class - haven't been paying attention more than 2 minutes so far this morning... We only have a few things left to do today, then the test... before being freed for the night.

Looked up transportation options, I think the subway goes near Dave & Buster's, so I'll prolly hang out there tonight. We're probably also going to take the subway to the airport tomorrow, as it's the cheapest option at $1.50.

Been feeling kinda blah, don't know if I'm getting sick again, or I just want to be home with friends and all that... It's nice to visit here, but without decent company, it gets boring fast. And although I'm pretty sedentary at home, at least I've things to do.

So, next update will be Sat afternoon at the earliest... Most probably sometime Sun instead.

Karaoke Sat night with Taz, Morphine, Hunnybee, and Rain... Then, dunno.

I think I have to work on Sun, but not sure.

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