Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu

whee doggy

let's see... another update from the classroom.

yesterday, I skipped lunch and called Jingoro and Tigger to make sure of plans... they ended up calling back a bit later to let me know that they'd be leaving at 5:30 instead of arriving then.... Supposed to be here 6:30-7 or so...

class is kinda boring. there are parts that get somewhat exciting, but mostly it's just ho-hum... trying to hit my usual daily sites from memory... whipped out the palm to play some games... tried not to fall asleep....

we walked back to the hotel and decided to go to dinner in the hotel again... I was wanting something to do before I left, so I sat and chatted with my coworker for an hour or so and had a beer and shared some jamaican seasoned wings before heading to the lobby.

The lobby was full of people meeting up with each other for dinner... Lots of beautiful people, and some cute cute college students to boot. I sat there for over an hour before I felt nature's call too strongly to ignore, so I went back up to the room to obtain relief.... and the phone rang. Tigger was downstairs, waiting. What timing. No, really, what timing?

And off we went... slowly... evidently they had gotten a bit lost, and so delayed... and we weren't quite sure where to go or how to get there. So we're in downtown chicago at 7:45pm in all the rat bastard traffic in this beat up old white grocery getter... it was amusing...

we finally end up heading north paralleling lakeshore, and run up into it... then over down lawrence... which ran us into little korea, and this little place that Tigger knew...

I told Tigger to go ahead and order for us all, since Jingoro and I weren't familiar enough with Korean cuisine to decide on anything. We did order some sake, and So-Ju... Good stuff. Very. Good. Stuff. And the food was excellent as well. We had a great time talking and laughing and all that... I allowed a rare picture to be taken with Tigger's I-Zone in exchange for my own pic of them. I have to say, it turned out rather well.

We finally left when the place was truly empty and it looked like they wanted to close up. I was surprised how cheap the bill was, the company paid most of it.

Then we decided to keep heading northwest towards Mitsuwa... and ended up at the Denny's there. We had very polite and attentive service, which blew my mind. Tigger let me bum a few of their brand of cloves, which were interesting. And we just sat and chatted and joked and such for a few hours.

Of course, that's when we realized what time it was. And I started to get really tired.... so we headed back, this time taking the highways... much quicker... and they dropped me off with Tigger hugs... and the bath salts that Tigger made for me.... I ended up getting to sleep around 3am...

This morning was tough... woke up a bit early, and just as I was starting to dream, the alarm went off... was fuzzy until we got outside, then the temperature woke me up pretty quick. -8oC I believe it was.

Now, more class... Joy.

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