Cernunnos Morrigu (cmorrigu) wrote,
Cernunnos Morrigu


So, I'm here...

got to work yesterday, boss gave me shit to do immediately... got that done, chatted around a bit, went to Chinese for lunch, and then we headed out to the airport.

We were there really early, and I called Taz to chat for a bit.... Then we were too early to get into the gate area... And then of course I got to do my jesus impression... (yes, that means I had to stand with my arms out while the security person ran the detector over my body)....

Then more waiting.... I saw this one beautiful young woman crying... I couldn't figure out whether she was leaving her SO, or had broken up with them... But it was that kinda vibe.

Anyways, go on the plan, blah blah blah, flight, blah blah blah...

Landed and went to pick up my cokworkers' baggage - let me just say how much I dislike people who don't know how to travel efficiently. For short business trips like this, checking baggage is just a waste of time.

And then the one coworker let some guy talk them into giving us a ride into town to our hotel. $11 each, which wasn't too bad, but still... This guy professed to be an ex-mobster bodyguard and all this crap. I suppose it was better than a silent ride to the hotel, but I felt unclean leaving the van.

The hotel was initially impressive - it has that old high class charm. However, the rooms are about as big as a postage stamp, and about as old as dirt. I dribbble with more force than the shower has. The saving grace is my view into other rooms and down into the pool. I tried to call Chichi and Taz, but no answer.

We reconvened to eat, and one person ended up taking off with a friend, and we didn't feel like going far, so we ate in one of the six or so restaurants the hotel has. Service was horrendous, food was okay, and I was left unsatisfied.

Went back to the room to chill, and called Tigger. We talked for a few hours - I ended up plugging my phone in and holding the charger up to my ear. It was fun.

I finally went to sleep... well, attempted to anyways.. I woke up about every hour for about 15 minutes each time. It sucked.

Got up and ready and downstairs in time to buy some breakfast and wait for coworkers to show. After a delay, we left and walked 5.5 blocks in the lovely -7oC weather to the training site. And here I am. Joy.

Jingoro and Tigger are supposed to come by after I leave class and we're going to hit the town or something. Sould be fun.

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