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Another lazy day

Motivation. That's what I need. Well, actually I suppose I was recovering from a long night out.... Took a nap, finally finished that application and faxed it out. Talked to the old boss and Rodimus about securing one of the 3 jobs out there...

Got my new Total Movie magazine, the one with the DVD filled with trailers, short films, and DVD extras... I can't wait to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon... A movie with Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, and Wu Ping doing fight choreography! Imagine that... Or just see it when it opens.

I also got an email from Sabs, seems that she heard I was out all night, and wanted to give me grief about not taking her along.. Although I swear she was invited by someone... Anyways, she invited me out on Sat to some gathering, not sure what... A bonfire was mentioned, so it can't be all bad... But then she wanted me to bring DDR, which seemed strange - you can't be enjoying a big outside bonfire and playing a psx game at the same time...

I really need to write some details about last night, but... I'll wait 'til later.

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