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well hell

let's see... mon night RedneckNinja came into town, got lost somehow, but mobile phones are a wonderful thing... then we sat and chatted for a few hours before I had to crash...

worked Tues... called RedneckNinja to come have lunch with Rodimus and I.... work was pretty uneventful and boring.... sat and helped/talked/teased Taz off and on for a good portion of the day...

went home a bit early, did a subwoofer demo for my guest... then we went to Chinese for dinner... then over to Taz's place to hang for a few hours.... it was interesting/fun... tested out the 2 import DVDs I hve that didn't work in my player, and 1 of them works in theirs... so we watched that, then I put Trigun in... despite initial bitching by Taz, they started to get into it...

now for the really funny part. Taz's kid, A, came home at one point... and started talking and bitching out possibles for a school dance or something.... and then straight up asked to share the beer we were drinking.... and then just kep sitting around and giggling ofr awhile, before starting to throw things up into the ceiling fan and watch them hit things.... verdict? A likes RedneckNinja.... *ROFL*

we finally left, had quite a conversation about the evening in the car on the way back, then sat outside chatting and drinking beer...

all in all, not a bad night... RedneckNinja is willing to consider mvoing here as a possibility.... even though they do have to go back home for awhile at least..... I'll have to show them more of the city and such in the next few days before they leave...

at the moment, I'm dreading going into work... it's been a long day of torture each day this week so far... boring stuff... I can't take any days off like I wanted to, I've got meetings and such... but I think I can take most of Thurs and the last half of Fri for working from home....

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