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got up and out earlier than any other time this week...

got to work and got some things done, paperwork and such.... made dinner plans with A... was setting up lunch plans when Taz stopped by to talk and invite me to teach html to them... then my boss stopped by to request my presence to do a few things..... next thing I knew, time was passed and I finally got free later than planned with a tight timeline, so Rain and I went to Arby's instead of Panera...

back to work, I realized one of our errors was caused by the machine's HD being completely full, so I started deleting shit.... and... well... I'm still not sure quite exactly how it happened, but I deleted our entire current working directory... luckily we had some slightly dated backups to use. We lost a week or two of tweaking, but they were serviceable. Got them up and running... then the results wouldn't save for osme odd reason, so I spent more time tweaking that...

Finally left at not too bad a time, but called A for plan finalization... and they bailed.... argh... oh well. spent some time chatting, then headed home.

had a ups notice on my door, but the office was already closed, so I'll have to pick it up tomorrow sometime. Ate dinner, vegged to the hockey game... chatted a bit... and started feeling sleepy, so I prepared for a nap... Morphine called, saying they were going to opff for piu...

then RedneckNinja called... they've had a horrible week. roommate moved out, so left, and job isn't paying the bills... so I may have a visitor next week.

then Morphine called again, seems they left opff because of the company that showed up, and were going to Wendy's.... after I got there, I had a voicemail on my mobile saying they were at Denny's... got there and hung out for awhile....

Hunnybee seems really keen on doing some form of RPG asap... so I guess I'll dig out my SR crap and set something up. We made mention of starting characters tonight, but Morphine and Rain have to be at work for extended hours, so...

I'm beat, but not quite ready to sleep.

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