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I command you to rise from your grave....

*yawn* Well, I finally managed to get to sleep... Took quite awhile, but was worth it.
Already started back on the great job hunt, so hopefully I'll be signing that contingency offer today and getting some calls in tomorrow-ish.

Chichi decided last week that I need motivation and re-organization. Of course I took ill right after that, and haven't been able to progress. So today I find a note saying that "Plan B starts tomorrow 7:00am, details tonight" which only irritates me. If I had been well last week, I might have already secured something. And today I'm trying to make up for last week's loss. But instead of acknowledging my accomplishments and the fact I was unable to continue my leads last week, he wants me to do things his way. I don't think so.

So, I hope to have an appointment today to sign the contract, and from there I'll waste the day away until after 9pm. Looking at the past few day's problems with being able to sleep, if he wakes me up at 7am tomorrow, I'm not gonna be responsible for what happens.

In pleasant news, I see some of the journalists here responding to my posts and comments. That's a good feeling, being so quickly accepted into the community here.

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