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the hell

am I up and moving for? bleh

anyways... to update...

Fri nite sucked for work... I was there 'til 10pm and had one last test to run that I didn't get to, since the on person on call had to completely bounce the system.... had Rain order food from Chinese since they were there, and went over to pick it up... Morphine and Hunnybee showed up to grab dinner, so we sat and drank tea and chatted for a bit... Then we got booze and headed back to my place...

We ate our dinner and chatted while watching that extreme driving quiz... then we did a bit of DDR.. Rain brought their RedOctane pad, since my one DX pad has a rip in it now, and no one wants it to get any worse...

Then we ended up just sitting and drinking lightly and talking until soemthing like 5:30am.... it was actually very good... The 4 of us work really weel when we hang out.... We went into all sorts of extremely personal topics, and although I'm usually very private and unwilling to share much that deep, I found myself able to relax and let them in.

Evidently, no one can understand why, if Taz and I seem to be so into each other when we're together, we haven't gone any farther than we have.... I tried to explain part of my view about it, and I think some details I mentioned helped a bit.

Sat I slept in for a bit, then took it easy until it was time to go to work... Got there and was bored and irritated for several hours. My coworker had been sitting there for over an hour when I got there with several vendors on the phone, idly waiting for someone to join, and hadn't tried to escalate yet. Which was BS, but our boss had been supposed to join and get things moving... and of course, hadn't. So I put my 2 in and got things moving, albeit slowly.....

Finally near the end of the night, I had some things to do, and ended up sending a message out to management types, so had to bring out the wordsmith side of myself to spin everything correctly. Then I was outta there.

Came home, felt pretty shitty, but ate and relaxed a bit... Realized that w\I needed sleep, but it was so early.... So I just chatted a bit with Faze and Morphine and Hunnybee... then put History Channel on tv and fell asleep on the couch for a bit... Ended up waking up and going to bed sometime.

Then, of course, I wake up at like 5am and roll around for an hour before finally giving in and getting up to get a drink and such.

I had a dream.. about Strawberry... details are already fading, but it had something to do with us getting back together... I think they had been visiting me, and we were at the airport for them to fly back home... It was a tearful scene, with them wanting me to come back with them... or perhaps I was visiting and they wanted me to stay.... either way... It appeared as if we reestablished the connection we used to have, and everything was going to be good again.

Chichi sent me this at like 3am:
You have just received the "Amish virus."
Since we have no electricity or computers,
you are on the honor system. Please delete all of
the files on your hard drive. Then forward this
message to everyone in your address book.
Thank thee.

So it appears they couldn't sleep, either...or they were up preparing to get the relatives to the airport...

Still waiting for them to set up camarades so we can do some sort of webcam chat.

ugh, I might actually take something to get back to sleep.. hrm

I may go shopping and lunching today with Hunnybee and Morphine, and possibly Rain. Depends on if I'm feeling like I need my privacy and to lie low, or if going out would be a better idea.

I'm a bit worried about Taz... they were supposed to find out some "good news, bad news" kind thing this weekend...

I'm a bit worried about Tigger.. haven't seen them online in awhile...

Oh, and MM is supposed to be going to Spain to live for 3 years with their SO... I hope they have fun, that would be a wonderful experience.

Ugh, anyways... I'm still beat, bleh.

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