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I am CM's Antisocial Nature

I am rapidly devolving today into a state of pure antisocial matter.

And, of course, I have the pleasure of going to work at 2pm on a friday and staying until whenever I'm done. Last night, it was about midnight.

I was hoping to try a new BBQ place less than a block from my place for dinner tonight with ppl, but so many can't make it, and I probably won't have a chance to get out in time to go anyway... So it's whatever crap I take with me to work for dinner tonight. Joy.

Today's Sinfest is really hitting home today, as well. I was just thinking of Strawberry this morning as I was drifting between un/consciousness... And that email came in. It really irks me that they don't seem to be reading the messages I send. But I've got too much invested in them to just drop them like I probably should. They fly out of control cursing and accusing in one message, then turn around and are all nice and friendly the next.... Granted, to some extent, that is part of what's attractive about them... still... this is kinda overboard.

Kinda funny that I'm in this mood already... yet I'm writing more in my journal than I have in awhile... dunno...

Still no word from Tigger.... Taz is busy tonight, then going out of town all weekend... Morphine and Hunnybee have things to do tonight... Rodimus and S prolly have no plans yet.... Dunno about Rain... And me, stuck at work tonight and possibly part of the weekend. But one thing is for sure - I NEED to take one entire day to myself this weekend. I didn't get that last weekend, and I'm suffering a bit for it...


There's more to say, but it suddenly vacated my mind... oh well...

I need to finsh up breakfast, and pack lunch/dinner for work, etc...

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