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feel like crap, not sure why

anyways, summary of yesterday...

called Taz, who was asleep... then got tired of waiting & kinda hungry, so headed out to the PO to pick up a package.... which wasn't there, evidently they delivered a second notice the same day I picked it up... ah well... then got a call from Taz... went to Wendy's to pick up lunch and a drink for Taz, then hung out there for a bit... Ended up that since I wasn't doing anything, and M was coming over to hang anyways, I just stayed. We watched part of MIB, then part of Matrix, then Osmosis Jones from PPV, Jurassic Park 3, MIB, Deuce Bigalow, and Highlander. Chatted a bunch. I walked out to the gas station for beer at some point.... M brought food for dinner/dessert...

So kinda mellow, but fun....

I'm a bit frustrated with myself about Taz... Limits are clearly defined, and I know why and all... I'd just like to be able to get past them once in awhile... Not gonna happen, at least not now... Too much other crap going on with the ex and all.... Sometimes I feel like a pawn, but I suppsoe I brought it on myself, so...

Today's been blah... food, nap, laundry, cleaning up, etc.... not much else. I'm out of food, but I'm trying to hold off until thurs or so when it warms up a bit and I won't feel it's as big a deal to go out and get it.

Work tomorrow... morning's gonna suck, that's for sure.

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